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How to recruit newbies into the Mars Explorer community
Step One: Find a server with lots of unregistered users
Unregistered users in Mars Explorer are mainly "newbies" - it's quite easy these days to find servers with a couple or more users like these.
Step Two: Get people to chat
Getting newbies to chat these days are quite hard as many are timid or sometimes just rude. When a newbie chats with you, it can show that they have reached a level of advancement and are almost ready to become part of the Mars Explorer community. The easiest way to get a newbie to chat is just to say "Does anyone want to chat?". :D
Step Three: Inform them of accounts
When I first came to Mars Explorer I didn't know the difference between an unregistered username and an account. So for several months I only came online with my unregistered name. Once you get a newbie or unregistered user to chat, inform them of the difference between unregistered usernames and registered accounts.
Step Four: Introduce them to experienced members
If it wasn't for Kruncher, I would have never decided to become an active part of the Mars Explorer community. Make sure that they know the names/accounts of the experienced people (i.e. TheDude, Achilles, Kruncher, Pointy Bagels, etc.)
Step Five: Introduce them to the forum
A good way for newbies to quickly become an active part of Mars Explorer they will need to post on the forum. Posting allows us "experienced" users to get to know more about them.


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